February 2, 2012

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

Valentine’s Day is a time to show some extra affection and attention to the one you love. Some do so with roses, some with chocolate, but why don’t you skip the cliché gifts and give them what they really want? Touchable soft skin, of course! Cures by Avance can help you with that. Date night may require you to show off your favorite little black (or red) dress, so make sure those legs are looking their best before you hit the town.

The first step to fight back against the dry winter air is to exfoliate. I start off my regimen with the Algae Loofah Bar. This scrubs off all of the dead skin cells that are causing the winter itch. Bar soaps and body washes can be harsh on your skin, but the Algae Loofah Bar hydrates as it cleanses your skin.

For extra dry skin, I suggest a bath soak. A few minutes with the Seaweed Spa Bath Soak should have your skin feeling fabulous and hydrated in no time. However, be careful to not over-do it. Overexposure to water dries out the skin of its natural oils. I love spending time in the bathtub, but try not to soak for more than 10 minutes. Once your fingers get the pruned look, it’s time to get out.

The Hydrating Body Silk is the ultimate weapon to fighting dry skin. After getting out of the shower, lightly pat your skin down so it is still damp. Apply the Hydrating Body Silk all over your skin, or just to problem areas. By the time you’re ready to celebrate the holiday, you will have sexy, velvety skin that your Valentine will love.

So whether you are staying at home and watching movies, or venturing out with your sweetheart, silky smooth skin is a must for a perfect Valentine’s Day date.

Cures Intern- Amanda Pariaros